People always ask me this;

"How did you move from Engineering to Human Resources and then to become an

Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author and Career Coach?".

(Okie, I’ll tell you in detail when we meet. Till then here is my story in brief)



My Story in Brief:

Coming from a very small village near Kangeyam, Tirupur Dist., I had no one to help me, teach me and guide me throughout my education, career and life. My parents were primarily into farming and they did not even know what am I studying other than sending me to school every day.


My life was truly boring in my school until one day I picked up a book “The Life of Swami Vivekananda”. That one book completely changed my life for ever and may be it’s the reason why I developed great love for books. I went on to read many books on various topics and still love reading more.


In spite of all the difficulties I had to go through in my school and college years, I went on to work in a military research organisation Aeronautical Development Agency and then in some of the top technology companies like Wipro Technologies, Philips Semiconductors and Qualcomm Inc.


After picking up interest in Psychology and Brain Science, with 8 years of Engineering experience I moved to Human Resources in Robert Bosch. Worked there for 4 years as HR Manager leading University Relations and Campus Recrutiment after which I left the corporate world to start my career as an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Author and Career Coach.


If you were next to me on 13th of January 2014 at 2.45pm, I am sure you would have gone amused looking at my crazy emotions, feelings and expressions. Something phenomenal happend to me that day. That's exactly when I received the parcel from my publisher that contained the author copies of my 1st book "Become an Engineer, Not Just an Engineering Graduate". I can't explain that in words. Currently I am working on my 2nd and 3rd book.


At the outset I am really happy and satisfied that in the 1st year of my entrepreneurial journey (Jan - Dec 2014), I could touch more than 26,860 young people, inspiring them to live life with passion and purpose through 86 different Sessions, Workshops and Training Programs.


Recently I was invited to speak in TEDx PSG Tech, when the organisers asked me to give a

write up about me, here is what I gave. That's my life purpose and dream.















When I looked back into my own life and career journey, I found that I've always used certain pattern knowingly or unknowingly. I sat down to bring that pattern into a meaningful, practical technique and that's

exactly is my unique model "5 Ds for Career Success". I directly mapped my model to

many successful people, their career and life. Surprisingly I found that

all of them had exactly used it as well.


Now, I have condensed all my learning along with my deep interest in Brain Science,

Learning Techniques and many other powerful modules into a 3 days intensive course



If I could go from a simple farming family to work in Fortune 500 companies, to publish my own book

and to become a Professional Speaker and Coach, I am sure you too can become what you want in life.

All you need is the right tools, techniques and appropriate guidance.


It took 12 long years for me to reach my great passion and I'll give you

all my techniques in just 30 intensive hours.

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